Street Art and Graffiti culture is evolving in the capital city
Recently murals and tags have been popping up at all sorts of places
done by Indian and travelling artists
leading to the emergence of a bustling street art movement


Now Delhi feature: Vandalrt

As part of the Unbox festival which is a cross-medium conference/workshop/music festival, Hauz Khas Village embraced graffiti art and gave permissions to artists to paint at a vacant lot in the market. People were free to walk through the artists workspace and become a part of the process. The result was a bright sunny Sunday and a whole lot of colour

Daku 156
Daku’s fascination for typography led him to be one of the first Indian graffiti artists to use devanagari script as his tag. His pieces are visible all across delhi – from the flyover opposite ISBT, to the Nizamuddin Railway Station. He is currently regarded as India’s Banksy.

Originally from Mizoram, now based out of New Delhi, freestyle and bubble are his preferred tags. He is also one of the biggest Graffiti writers of the country. Recently he has also started the AAC Crew in New Delhi


A travelling German graffiti artist who has spent a considerable amount of time tagging India . His stay in Delhi led to a lot of collaborations with Daku 156 and others. He scouts locations which are less accessible, because finding a piece there becomes that much more unique an encounter for those who chance upon it. Guess that’s part of why he tagged Kashmir. The piece in this video was his last piece in Delhi…(..until next time?)

A travelling artist from Denmark, Symon is a muralist who use sbright colours and paints vivid scenes from life. 


One of Delhi’s first female taggers, she draws her inspiration from New York Graffiti artist Lady Pink