The first ever feature on Now Delhi was on the graffiti writers of New Delhi.
Back then it was an amalgamation of foreign writers tagging the city
with soon to be established local writers.
Since then, you can see their mark all over the country

The movement, however is not isolated to New Delhi. There are now writers all over the country. Recently, Now Delhi was contacted by a graffiti writer from Bombay called ‘Tyler’. Tyler is based out of Bombay. His(?) pieces range from direction compasses to critical socio-political stencil pieces which are now spread across several parts of the city, with tags at places like Versova, 7 Bungalows and Yari road.


A statement from the artist to Now Delhi says:

TYLER: “I am an Indian from Mumbai city. Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become street artist because they want to make the world a better looking. Previously there were political and movie posters all over the city, all of them at public places. Now there is some street art as well. Every piece done by me has been influenced from the society. “

He also does  a series called the Visual Pollution which is :

TYLER: “Anything on our streets that is unattractive and not required is Visual Pollution. This consists of billboards,  buildings, litter, overhead power lines  are all classic examples of Visual Pollution. These things block visibility and defaces the city.”



From all the work that i have seen from TYLER,  there is no doubt that the artist does possess the skill to execute interesting pieces. However, I feel that at times TYLER isn’t truly speaking his(?) art in his own words. The influence of the artists he probably looks up to if far too overt. Banksy and Shepard Fairy anyone?

Still, to his credit, he has racked up a few quality pieces, and I’d definitely look forward to more from him(?). Like this one which play’s at the recently lifted curfew in Bombay.

The world see’s you TYLER.
Say what you want to say.