St+art Mumbai
Tika (Swi)


Tika Thek is the visual language of self-taught artist Maja Hürst,  a street artist from Zurich, Switzerland. Her work draws influence from the regimented nature of life in big cities – where everything is reduced in standardised shapes or forms  “filled with savagely applied textures and scratches through layers of dust, paint and history reminding of wild vintage tropicalism.” Her work usually features animals interwoven with abstract human forms/objects which reminisce forgotten traditions and sagas of the past.

Now Delhi feature :: Tika

Tika came down to Bombay for the St+ art Mumbai festival and spent a considerable amount of time in the by-lanes of Bandra, a suburb in Mumbai which was a focus region of the St+art Mumbai Festival. Before beginning work on her main wall for the festival, she painted a collaborative wall with Indian Artist Anpu, next to a pet salon. You can watch that here.

But Tika’s main wall for the festival was a huge one – the wall of  a residential complex known as the ‘New Friends Building’ in Bandra. She worked for over two weeks to complete the mural in which she used the name of the building as a metaphor for her piece. Watch the video to know more about it.