New Delhi is a fairly modern city,
Slowly evolving into a global city
Yet it remains plagued by several issues which stop it from being one
women safety, being one of the most major concerns

Now Delhi feature :: The Vinyl Records

The last year has highlighted how unsafe New Delhi still is for women. And more so how there still exists a dark, primitive mindset in our society which fosters such deviant nature. Not only the perpetrators of these crimes, but also the utterly irresponsible statements made by those in power succeeding the events, proved that a large section of us is still living in the dark ages.

The scope of the issue is far more complex than what this piece aspires to cover, yet what it does represent is a larger opinion that is echoed by most women in the city.

The Vinyl Records are an all girl post-punk / Indie rock rock Band from the city of New Delhi. They draw their inspiration from bands like  The Clash, Blur, B52’s and several others from the post-punk /new-wave movement of the late 70’s. Having played together for over two years, they  have just released their first ever EP titled ‘Whims’ independently and have been touring across the country with it.

To hear more of their music, go here.

The Vinyl Records. Image : Amaan Ali Khan

But they are also all girls living in the city of New Delhi. They share the same insecurities as any other girl in the city. They have to use public transport. They too have to travel all alone late at night. They have to worry about what clothes they should wear, how to avoid a seedy part of town at night.

Speaking to the girls, it is clear that they are not content living life or making decisions governed by fear and try to fight back through their music. Though their songs mostly deal with everyday life experiences, and are not very political, being in an all girl band is their way of making a statement. And they also want others like them to not get suppressed by the fear.

Their song ‘Apocryphyl’ deals with the issue of women empowerment where the lyrics encourage girls to go out and do the things they want to do without coming under the pressure of society. More and more young girls look up to them, which has given them an added sense of responsibility, but also further inspiration to carry forward in their pursuit.

The idea of doing this piece with them was to explore what being a girl in the city means, and further the influence it has, if any, on their music.