Now Delhi feature :: St+Art Delhi Week 3

By the time the festival went into the third week, there was a sense of familiarity amongst the locals towards this new activity that was taking place in their community. More and more artists came into Shahpur jat and worked on pieces which ranged from small stencils to large murals. The festival had also slowly started spreading out to other regions of the city.

While a lot of the artists continued to work within Shahpur Jat, a workshop was organised in Tihar Jail – Asia’s largest prison complex, where artist Blaise worked with inmates on paper collage techniques and also painting a few murals within the prison compound. Work had also begun in Hauz Khas village, but you’ll have to wait for the week 4 video for that. Watch the video for all the action from week 3 of the festival in this video. A roundup of the murals finished in week 3 is also below.

Watch the Week 1 here:
Week 2 video:  


Alina (Denmark)


Ranjit Dhaiya (India)


Mattia Lullini (Italy)


BOND (Germany)


Ano (Taiwan)


Sam Sam (India)


Andy Yen (Shahpur Jat)


Amitabh Kumar (India)


Ano’s image by Ricky Lee, Sam Sam’s by Vijay Kate.
Images and Film by tahska (Akshat Nauriyal)