Week 2 of the St-Art Delhi festival saw a lot of artists begin work on their walls in Shahpur Jat. By now, word about the festival had spread in the community, and more and more people started volunteering their walls to the artists. The locals also started engaging with the artists a lot more, and idea of street art was no longer as alien a concept for them.

Some artists started working on their individual walls, while others collaborated with to do some combined pieces.

Watch the video to know more of what all went on. Below are some the pieces you can expect to find in the  video.
Watch the Week 1 Now Delhi video here:  http://www.nowdelhi.tv/art/st-art-delhi-festival/


Now Delhi feature :: St+art Delhi Festival – Week 1

Harsh Raman (India) wanted to make something playful yet conceptual. For him the fun part about the festival was the fact that since the pieces were spread out across the village, it made finding them into a game – a sort of treasure hunt.

Harsh Raman (India)

Sergeo (Brazil) wanted to make a piece which involved a female figure, to highlight the need to have more visibility to women and their issues in the public domain. He made it with the hope that it would encourage respect and safety of women. Though a lady who lived in the block saw it more as  a cartoon figure than a serious attempt at art.

Sergeo (Brazil)

Since they were spending a lot of time in Shahpur Jat, and a lot of walls started being offered, artists took the opportunity to work on some collaborative walls together. In this wall (below) Tofu and Anpu spent a day painting amongst locals (and mostly kids as you can see in the video) .

Anpu + Tofu’s collab piece


Tones (Taiwan) in Shahpur Jat



Tones (Taiwan) in Shahpur Jat


Alias’ Stencil

Alina (Denmark) painted this piece on the wall of a jewellery store in a busy part of the village. A crowd would often assemble to watch as she painted, to the joy of the shop owners who really liked Alina’s style. It also went well with their clientele (mostly women) so it even made great “marketing sense” (as quoted by the owner of the shop). 

Alina with her half finished piece outside a jewellery store (Denmark)

Tona (Germany) made this piece in SJ and subsequently got several requests by the residents to paint more stencils. Eventually, other than outdoor pieces, he ended up doing a piece inside the house of one of the locals, inside their living room. 

Tona (Germany)

The most wonderful part of the interactions however were the manner in which the artists works were altering people’s perception of art. Several locals who were initially hesitant of giving their walls for painting opened up to the idea once they saw what the artists were capable.  It also exposed them to a form of art they would normally not have experienced. 

Like the lady in the photo – who enjoyed the ‘billi’ (cat) and a lot of the artworks in the lane, but this one piece by Tofu seemed like ‘modern art’ to her. She did still like it though. Watch more in the video.