B-Boying or what you may know as Breakdance
Is a form of dance embedded deep within Hip-Hop Culture
And today, in Now Delhi it is educating and helping kids,
who by default are enrolled into the school of hard knocks

Now Delhi feature :: Slumgods Part I

Every society the world over is divided into those with privileges and those without. That is just the inherent nature of the beast that is society. Those with privileges, have them just by virtue of the comfortable life they are born into.  Where everything one needs is provided for – be it quality education, or those pointlessly annoying shoes with lights, which, for some reason, became extremely popular when I was growing up. Necessity vs Luxury?

Those born without basic privileges of life, are also often the ones forgotten. Our rigid socio-cultural divide makes most cultural interactions inaccessible for them.  Our system further pushes them into lives lacking individuality or any creative outlet. So how does one bridge this gap? Creative learning and community building become a major part of the solution. And books aren’t the only way one can learn.

Tiny Drops is one such solution. It provides children living in slums with an alternative creative and social outlet through cultural activities such as dance, music, and graffiti embedded in Hip-Hop Culture.

 Tiny drops provides a safe haven for children who are exposed to extremely harsh living conditions from a early age and gives them something positive to put their mind and energy into. It is a space which attracts children from 8-18 years to come and develop a solid foundation in any of these artforms so that they can use these skill sets and fulfill their dreams.



Tiny Drops Hip Hop community is run by volunteer mentors who provide guidance to the kids with personal one on one interactions based on respect and friendship. Netarpal ‘Heera’ Singh is one such Mentor. He is one of the most active names in the Indian B-Boying Community and was instrumental in setting up Tiny Drops in Mumbai. With others in Mumbai, he initiated several slum kids in the Dharavi slum, one of the world’s largest slum clusters, where the centre is now run by the kids themselves.

Now based in Delhi, he mentors at Tiny Drops in collaboration with the NGO Khoj, who provide the children with a space to practice in Khirki VIllage. Khoj also helped immensely in organizing the first ever ‘Park Jam’ in Delhi. Usually they Practice in the space provided by Khoj in Khirki, but from time to time, you might spot them flying in the air in the gardens in front of the malls in Saket.



As a result of this initiative, now there is a very rapidly growing BBoying Community. Which was quite evident when Now Delhi showed up at the Cypherholic Jam, a B-Boy competition with individual and crew Dance-offs. Atleast a few hundred kids of all ages showed up, rearing to go..



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Music track:  
Dj Mr. Neill : B-Boy Mix + Dont Sweat the Technique (Groove Fellaz Remix)
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