As a vibrant scene which mostly exists in isolation
Metal music has had it tough over the past years
Yet it is also a community that boasts of the most loyal fans
And now of a band that has truly put the Indian Metal scene on the global map

Now Delhi feature :: Skyharbor

The Metal music scene in India has traditionally been the elder child who was left to fend for itself. It’s been an angry child. Unlike its younger, more suave, ear friendly siblings electronic and reggae music which seem to be making the most headway in the indie/independent music scene, metal bands have had it tough over the years.

Suffering from a lack of shows and exposure, the number of potential venues for metal gigs has decreased since the boom in electronic music. Yet today bands like Scribe, Bhayanak Maut, Undying Inc (and far too many more to name) are paving a path for themselves on the backbone of a dedicated fan-base built on their performances and music.

But the one band to truly separate itself from the pack is a band which started as a bedroom project. A project that now comprises of collaborators from the world over, and is at the threshold of playing its first ever European Festival. The band is Skyharbor by Keshav Dhar.

Keshav is a music producer/composer from New Delhi. Having started Skyharbor (formerly Hydrodjent) as a solo bedroom project, Keshav’s band grew up, mostly though the miracle that is the internet. He initially started off by putting recordings and sample tracks on forums on the internet which immediately started receiving a lot of attention. Soon his recordings graduated to songs, and he began writing music under the name Hydrodjent. 

Keshav was contacted by Anup Sastry, a drummer from Washington D.C because he wanted to do a drum cover of Dots for Youtube. In no time, Anup was ready with the entire set just by doing covers. One thing led to another, and he officially became the Drummer for Skyharbor.





Keshav had met Daniel Tompkins (Tessaract) in India in 2010. Upon finding Order-66 on the internet, Dan had offered to track vocals for it. That collaboration, which was  meant to be for one song, became ‘Illusions’  of Blinding White noise – the band’s first release. Dan would record his takes in England, and send them over to Keshav (via the aforementioned awesomeness that is the internet) who would then mix them onto the tracks.

Once Keshav got Nikhil Rufus from Indigo children and Another Vertigo Rush to play bass and Devesh Dayal from Godess Gagged to play rhythm guitars to complete the current lineup of Skyharbor.

Skyharbor recently signed Basick Records, a UK based metal management agency. The just released their debut album ‘Blinding White Noise: Illusions and Chaos’ which is now available for worldwide purchase. 

Skyharbor played their first ever show as a 5 piece band in Bangalore for the ‘Alive: Lamb Of God Concert’.

Additional camera support : Roycin D’souza
Audio edit: Keshav Dhar

2015 Update: Since this article Skyharbor has gone through several lineup changes and currently consists of Devesh Dayal, Eric Emery, Krishna Jhaveri, Aditya Ashok and Keshav Dhar 

You can also watch Walk with me in Hell by Lamb Of God from the same gig below.

Lamb Of God (Live) in Bangalore