Indigo Children
 are a 4 piece Pop/Psy-Rock band from New Delhi
Starting off as a garage-punk band their sound now is an evolved hybrid of conventional pop structures with texture laden Psychedelia. They’ve played international festivals like The Great Escape and Sutasi and recorded 2 songs with legendary producer John Leckie. They are currently working of their first full length release





The band represents the new wave of alternative sounds breaking out of the major metro’s of the nation – Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai – all have some really cool bands making original music.  Now Delhi hung out with the bunch over a week leading up to a gig in a regular pub in New Delhi.  The following two videos were shot in October of 2011, and feature the songs – Two Times, Sing to Me and High Priestess

Now Delhi feature I : Indiegenous

Now Delhi feature II : High Priestess