Now Delhi short film : Holizomb


Not all who wander are lost, 
and other such profound cliches

The film was shot in one day in complete guerrilla fashion across various parts of the city of New Delhi on Holi. The idea was to capture the essence of the festival in its different forms – from the street holi to a music festival – and embed a zombie love story within it. Also, would one know the difference between a zombie and human on Holi? Is there a difference? Think about it. Or Dont. Just Watch the film instead.

Karuna Ezara Pariah
Shivam Tewari

Additional camera
Abhijay Singh
Arjun Bhasin

Sound Design
Samar Garewal

Colour / Grade
Sajid Akbar

Written, Shot, Edited and Directed
(Akshat Nauriyal)