Now Delhi feature :: India’s Tallest Mural – Mahatma Gandhi

In January 2014, German artist Heindrik ‘ECB’ Beikirch and Indian artist ANPU painted a mural of Mahatma Gandhi at the Delhi Police Head Quarter. Painted as a collaboration between Delhi Police and St+Art Delhi, the mural represents a first of its kind engagement between street art and a government body of the country. The total height of the mural is 158 feet which makes it the tallest mural of the country. It was done as part of the St+Art Delhi street art festival.


Image: Enrico Fabian

Painting such a huge piece presented several challenges, including the necessity of a crane that would take them to the required height. So a 130 foot crane was used to propel the artists to the desired working height.

Image: Enrico Fabian


Image: Enrico Fabian

Hendrik “ecb” Beikirch is well known for his brilliant black and white portraits painted either on canvas or on large buildings. His highly poetic portraits often depict people from the immediate neighborhood appearing strange and familiar at the same time. In August 2012 he created a 230 feet tall portrait of a fishermen in Busan, South Korea, now being Asia’s highest mural. Assisting him on this mural was indian artist ANPU who is essentially a painter. She has lived in and been a part of several exhibitions in New York and Germany, all the while also painting in the street. Since moving to India, she has made her signature cat all across the country, including the gigantic piece she did in Shahput Jat for st+art delhi 2014.

Together, they set out on the task of making this mammoth Gandhi mural. They completed it in less than 5 days.


Image: Enrico Fabian

The scale of the piece was so huge, that there was only one way of covering it – Aerially. So we got an Octocopter to film the artists while they were finishing up the mural. This mural represented a lot of firsts, and an ariel drone filming within the premises of the Delhi Police Headquarter would definitely be one of them. This video is a result of that  drone.

Images: Enrico Fabian
Ariel Drone: Prithvi Singh Gill
Music: Viraj Mohan and tahska

Film directed and edited by tahska

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