St+art Delhi 2015

DALeast is a Chinese born street artist who lives in South Africa. Through his work he explores ideas of spirituality and the ephemeral themes of existence and life itself. His works usually have contain thousands of intricately detailed and  intertwined metallic shards which come together to form the larger artworks. Often, he tells his stories and ideas through animal forms. Nomadic by heart with a keen sense to explore, he has travelled extensively across the world painting his huge murals. 

Now Delhi feature :: DALeast

Dal’s involvement in St+art Delhi 2016 was quite the chance encounter. Being one of the most prolific street artists  in the world, he had long been part of our wishlist, but for administrative reasons it had not worked out. However, during the Delhi festival, we got information that a certain Chinese street artist was currently travelling in India, and would be available in Delhi soon. We did a bit of research and after connecting the dots we found out that the artist was infact DALeast himself. Once we got to know about his availability in the country, we moved instantly and offered him a wall in Meherchand Market in South Delhi, and he was more than happy to paint a wall for us here. 

Through his travels in India, Dal got a sense of the chaos that is a major part of the identity of our nation. But he was also extremely moved by the order within that chaos – how there is so much information one is bombarded with, yet how everything seems to function just fine. He wanted to represent this idea in his piece, and used birds as a medium to elaborate on that. Dal chose birds to send this message through because he feels that as our cities become bigger and more developed, animals, and especially birds find lesser and lesser space to inhabit within those cities. So he combined all these chains of though to make his final piece which stands tall in Meherchand market in New Delhi. Watch the vide for more.