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Aerosol Assassins Crew


The Aerosol Assassins crew is a newly formed graffiti crew from the city of New Delhi.  It consists of  a few prominent writers from the Indian graffiti scene, namely – Zine, Samsam and Rane. Operating out of New Delhi, the crew came together with a want to push the level of  graffiti in India to a higher standard by attempting larger and more challenging pieces. Having a great appreciation for each others work, Zine and Sam, together with Rane –  to formally establish the Aerosol Assassins Crew. Coming from a bombing background, the crew holds true to its roots of street culture by doing tags around the city, but aren’t averse to collaborating on commissioned  projects.

Over a weekend, they decided to do a wall in Khirkee Village, and called me over to come check it out.
I decided to carry my camera and do a little feature on them. This is the wall they ended up with:



More on the artists: 

Rane : Considered as one of the first real writers of the country, Rane’s style draws from influences from his time spent travelling across across Europe tagging with local european writers . A mentor for several writers coming up in the Indian scene, his are some of the earliest dated tags in the city.


Zine –  A well known local artist whose tags range from free-style to bubble, Zine  is an out and out old school hip-hop loving wall bomber. His tags are visible all across the country yet he feels that his style is still developing. Watch zine featured in the first ever Now Delhi Video: Vandalrt (click to watch)

Samsam: One of the few female graffiti artists in the country, her style draws inspiration from  personal life experiences as she experiments with fictional characters in her pieces. A mix of graffiti with street art, she constantly tries to evolve her approach to the pieces she does. Samsam was also previously featured on Now Delhi in the Extension Khirkee film ( click to watch).


More information on AAC here:
Music Used : Free Fight by The Indian Guy under a  Creative Commons Licence.