About Now Delhi

Now Delhi is a video time capsule
It is future memories in high definition
It is a screenshot of emerging Indian sub-culture
New Delhi is its default canvas

New Delhi is global city. It is the capital city.  
A bustling metropolis with a core of bureaucracy and commerce.
Yet stashed somewhere clumsily deep in its underbelly, is a volatile community of alternative sub cultures.
All fighting the mainstream for their own space.
And this is true for all other metros in the country as well.  

Now Delhi is a web based documentary series which showcases these progressive Indian sub-cultures.  It documents the non mainstream ‘scenes’ of a city – the underground, if you may. It is an exploration into how artists interact with cities, and how the cities in-turn influence them in their work.  

The website is a self-funded not-for-profit venture initiated by Akshat Nauriyal (tahska) (click for more).

Having begun in 2011, the project is an ongoing one, with the aim of capturing moments in the timeline of the city of New Delhi, and as much as possible other cities, that paint a realtime image of an emerging, contemporary India. Over 5 years, Now Delhi has showcased several stories on independent music, street art, bboying and impact based social change projects. It is also the first web-documentary series to focus solely on Indian alternative culture. Now Delhi’s stories have been screened in several festivals and television networks locally and  internationally.

All photos and videos (unless stated otherwise) have been shot, edited and directed by tahska.

If you have a digital work/story you would like to share or make tahska aware of a story which Now Delhi could feature then send in a mail at tahska@nowdelhi.tv.

“It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime,
What better place than here, what better time than now.”